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Kozo Nakase attends meetings for single widowers looking to remarry. He meets Sayoko Takeuchi and eventually marries her. Not longer after their marriage, Kozo Nakase suddenly collapses and dies. Kozo Nakase leaves everything to Sayako. The rest of his family are left out of his will including his daughter Tomomi. Tomomi hires a private investigator, Honda, to find out more about Sayoko.

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Shinobu Otake

Shinobu Otake

Sayoko Takeuchi
Etsushi Toyokawa

Etsushi Toyokaw

Toru Kashiwagi
Tsurube Shofukutei

Tsurube Shofuku

Kiharu Funayama
Masahiko Tsugawa

Masahiko Tsugaw

Kozo Nakase
Machiko Ono

Machiko Ono

Tomomi Nakase
Masatoshi Nagase

Masatoshi Nagas

Yoshinori Honda

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